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Main Block of Tung Wah Hospital

Main Block, Tung Wah Hospital

Grading: Grade 1 Historic Building

Located at Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, it is the site of the former assembly hall of Tung Wah Hospital, which was completed in 1872. In order to meet the city's increasing healthcare demands, the assembly hall was reconstructed as a six-storey hospital complex in 1933 and completed in the following year. The current hall follows the layout created during the reconstruction of 1934, with the portrait and spiritual tablet of the God of Shennong right at the front, surrounded by historic couplets and plaques of TWGHs , such as the plaque "Wan Wu Xian Li" bestowed by Emperor Guangxu in 1885, which helps create a solemn ambience. Important events of the TWGHs, such as the annual general meeting, the election of the chairman and vice-chairmen and the inauguration ceremony, are all held in the hall. The main building was accorded historic building status (Grade 1) in 2009.

G/F, Li Shiu Chung Memorial Building, 12 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong