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TWGHs Kwong Fook Tsz

Kwong Fook I Tsz

Grading: Grade 1 Historic Building

Kwong Fook I Tsz (hereafter "I Tsz"), located at Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, was completed around 1856 for housing the spiritual tablets of non-local people who died in Hong Kong. It is also known as the "Pak Shing Temple". Since Chinese generally were not used to receiving medical treatment in Western-style hospitals at that time and did not want to die at home, I Tsz gradually became the last stop for Chinese patients who were in a critical condition or had passed away. In April 1869, the poor hygiene of I Tsz prompted the intervention of the government, which then facilitated the establishment of Tung Wah Hospital. I Tsz has been managed by Tung Wah Hospital ever since its establishment. A restoration project was launched in 2017 which aimed at improving the condition and appearance of I Tsz by replacing the wooden roof beams, removing the shelter in front of the temple and carrying out other works. I Tsz was accorded historic building status (Grade 1) in 2024.

40 Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong