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"Keeping up with the time - Mapping the Development of Hong Kong's Healthcare Services through the Archives": "A Good Nurse Brings Blessings to the Sick : A Kaleidoscopic View of the Kwong Wah Hospital Nursing School Before 1945"

Publication Date: 2023-02-14

Only available in Cantonese
Speaker: Prof. WONG Man Kong (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of History, Associate Dean (Development, Hong Kong Baptist University)

In 1936, Lady Southorn (wife of Sir Thomas Southorn, the then Colonial Secretary of Hong Kong) rightly captured the roles of Chinese nurses in her speech at the graduation ceremony of Nurses of TWGHs, said, “Not only in Hong Kong but in the vast country of China is there scope for the good nurse to be a blessing to suffering humanity. Countless poor mothers and babies alone demand their skill and the ministration of their own countrywomen who know their language and persuade them to abandon their unwholesome superstitions must be an invaluable asset to the poor of China.” This public lecture describes and discusses the early history of the Kwong Wah Hospital Nursing School. Doing so might fill up parts of the gap in our understanding of the training school while we might also shed light on the roles of its nurses in the development of medicine in Hong Kong up to 1945.